Beauty is subjective. Yes. That is true. There are men who are obsessed with plain or even unattractive girls. At least deemed by social standards. But to them. These girls are the only girls in the world that they can ever see themselves being with.

Just like food is subjective. Taste in women is also subjective.

However. Socrates claims beauty is objective. But Socrate’s perspective on beauty is that it is objectively true. If it isn’t objectively true. Then it can’t be beautiful.

He describes a story of how a sculptor created a statue with purple eyes. Socrates asked. Why paint the eyes purple? The sculptor states. Because purple is the world’s most beautiful color. And the eyes are the most important part of a statue. He did so to make the statue more beautiful. But Socrates asked the artist to repaint the eyes. Preferably to black. Since that is the eye color of most Greeks.

Another example would be like saying 5 is a more beautiful number than 4. Due to shape and curvature. So a math problem such as 2+2 would equal 5. Since 5 is such a beautiful number.

But to Socrates. This is false. Even if 5 is more beautiful than 4. 5 is the incorrect answer. The true answer is 4. And being true is what makes 4 more beautiful than 5.

To Socrates. If beauty isn’t objectively true. It cant be beautiful. Even if fiction is more beautiful than reality. It is made ugly by the precise nature that it is fiction.

This is a very different understanding of objective beauty.