Yes. Just take a look at these :

China put a man into space in 2003.

China sent a land rover to the moon in 2013.

China launched a space lab in 2011.

Chinese supercomputer has been ranked No.1 in the Top500 list beating America for 6 consecutive times up to now. China builds the fastest computer in the world.

China has a strong nuclear program.

China has the longest high-speed rail system in the world. The design and development of the system is indigenous to China.

China is the world leader in quantum communication. The first quantum communication satellite in the world was launched by China in 2016/8.

China has indigenous version of American C-17 heavy lifter.

China is taking on Boeing and Air-bus.

Sometimes Silicon valley copies China for their mobile internet ideas.

China is also the world’s largest exporter of smart phones, including iPhones.

Chinese Jiao Long reached deeper than 7000 meters below the sea.

China built the longest bridge in the world (more than 164 kilometers)

Lenovo is the world’s No.1 PC maker

DJI is the world’s No.1 drone maker

Baidu is testing the Chinese autonomous driving car

Alibaba is the world’s largest E-commerce platform

PLAN surpassed Russian navy in surface vessel quality and capabilities