In 1962, a 37-year-old man from England named Brendon Grimshaw suddenly quit his job and bought a small island in Seychelles for around 10,000$.

The island was called Moyenne, and at the time of Brendon’s purchase, it had been abandoned for 50 years; However, everyone thought he was crazy; he eventually moved onto the island permanently as its sole inhabitant.

While most people tend to buy islands for luxury, Brendon had a larger vision. He wanted to restore the island to its raw beauty, creating a natural paradise completely untouched by humans and tourism.

Over the next 40 years, Brendon lived alone on the island; he was able to plant 16,000 trees by hand, built 3 miles (5km) of natural paths, and attracted around 2,000 new birds to Moyenne.

Brendon had transformed a deserted land into an island of incredible beauty, Moyenne was so gorgeous that Brendon was offered $50 million dollars for it by a Saudi prince, but he turned him down.

Since Brendon passed away in 2012, the island is owned by the Moyenne Island Foundation and is today a national park available to everyone to come and enjoy thanks to his efforts.


source quora