The identical engine that was probably the most produced plane engine in the historical past,

…the engine that powered the B-24, C-47, F4F Wildcat, PBY Catalina, and 36 extra:

(Above Pratt & Whitney R-1830–92 Twin Wasp in its most elementary kind: Dependable as an anvil, air-cooled as all fight engines need to be, powerful as dust, and ideal for lengthy missions over water.)

The Pratt & Whitney R-1830-92 Twin Wasp 14-cylinder air-cooled radial piston engines, 1,200 hp every missing the “fancy stuff,” like dual-speed or dual-stage superchargers, and no inter or after coolers. Simply fundamental “meat and potatoes” engines, the identical Pratt & Whitney used within the F4F Wildcat, the B-24, and the DC-3/C-47, a few of the most-produced planes and:

“The manufacturing run of 173,618P&W R-1830 examples makes it the most-produced aviation engine in historical past.”-Wiki. Wonderful.

…of which 173,618 have been manufactured, probably the most in aviation’s historical past.

Right here’s a “Rogue’s Gallery” of simply a few of the 40 completely different planes, probably the most numerously produced, the percent R-1830 powered:

F4F Wildcat

PBY Catalina

PB2Y Coronado



“Principally retired as we speak, the R-1830 remains to be used on Douglas DC-3 and numerous museum planes and warbirds seen at airshows. It isn’t manufactured anymore, however, spares are nonetheless accessible and there may be nonetheless a marketplace for second-hand engines and components.”-Wiki