This is a cow crying.

Now, cows are generally associated with being slow, lazy and pretty dumb animals, but all that doesn’t seem to be entirely accurate.












Cows might not be the smartest animals on the planet, but they’re believed to be somewhat socially intelligent animals who’re aware of their surroundings.

In fact, it is suspected that cows raised in slaughter houses are capable of recognizing that they are going to be killed beforehand which explains the phenomenon of the crying cow.













Cows recognizing they’re about to killed are capable of feelings emotions and producing actual tears of sorrow due to the stress of the whole ordeal.

Now, i don’t know about most people… but I like to know where my food comes from. To learn that what i eat might have the capability of realizing it’s being raised to be killed and actually weep as a response…






















That’s disturbing.


1. Due to the critism I’m getting from people who insist I’m wrong and cows do not cry because they don’t feel emotions like humans. Here are some sources.

2. I feel the need to say i am neither a vegan avtivitist nor even vegan in itself. I do eat meat and quite enjoy it. I mean- who doesn’t?
















Source: Qoura!