Korea (1950–53) protecting an allied nation (today one of our best trading partners)

Dominican Republic (1965) —protecting endangered folks during a civil war

Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia (1961–1975) we THOUGHT we were helping, but not so much

Iran (Operation Eagle Claw, 1980)—crashed and aborted rescue of U.S.hostages

Grenada (1983) —this time the rescue was successful!

Panama (1990)—U.S. intervention to depose a drug-financed leadership (we invaded over Christmas)

Gulf War 1 (1991) —had to rescue Kuwait. Here is Bush (I) rallying the troops

Gulf War 2 (Iraq 2003) —Here is Bush (II) rallying the troops

Afganistan (2001–2021) Not quite so much troop rallying there

Pakistan (Zero Dark Thirty, 2011) —Killing Bin Laden. Not many pictures of that one.

And NOW were in countries surrounding Ukraine (2022 – ?) I don’t think our leaders want to release many pics of that.

And these are ONLY the ones I could think of off the top of my head. I’m sure there were (are?) many others not reported on as much. I’m not going to even attempt to discuss the CIA’s interventions abroad. The above is only U.S. MILITARY actions abroad I can think of since WW2.