On January 14, 2012, a 16-year-old girl in Pakistan died of a heart attack.

That alone is tragic in the extreme.

But she was a special child and the world lost her not only as a person but also her extraordinary talent.

Her name was Marfa Karim and she was a celebrity, ever since she was a child.

She was considered a genius.

In Pakistan, she had long been celebrated as a computer expert when she was nine years old.

But then, in 2004, Microsoft officially designated the girl, who had already won several awards, as a “Microsoft Certified Professional.”

This means being officially allowed to act as an expert for Microsoft software.

At just nine years old, the little girl was thus the youngest of hundreds of software experts worldwide.

At a Microsoft conference in Spain in 2006, they honored her for her unusual and great achievements.

But Arfa wasn’t just a computer expert. When she was ten years old, she acquired a pilot’s license.

In 2005, Bill Gates personally invited her to the company’s headquarters near Seattle.

A short time later, she suffered an epileptic seizure, which also triggered a heart attack.

She lay in a coma in the hospital in Lahore.

Bill Gates lobbied for her to get every treatment possible and even wanted to fly her to the US.

But her brain was too damaged and she died at only 16.

All of Pakistan mourned.

Who knows what she could have given to the world.